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New Brand Reveal

We are very excited and pleased to reveal our brand update!

New logo, font & tag line to help us "stand out from the crowd".

It has been a great team journey to decide on the final design.

Giving us a 'spring in ours steps' for the start of the new season.

We all agreed from the outset of revisiting our brand to keep the striking green & contrasting black colours.

The FONT change has been discussed for some time now, as although we clearly have seen our previous branding as "Signwrite Studios", many companies have referred to us as

"Signature Studios".

We love the simplicity

& striking curves of our new LOGO - showing the rotation & direction of a circle to show we are evolving, adapting & progressing.

Whilst the curves represent connection & community. Look close enough there is a double S for our company name.

The black background "PATTERN" gives additional depth & brand recognition - showing too the many possibilities to our skills & abilities.

Overall the importance of any updates or changes we have made, is to show our clients, present & future, that we are here and are as determined as ever

to succeed through these challenging times.

Our assurance to you all is that we will remain friendly & approachable, whilst taking great pride in offering high quality signage solutions at fair pricing.

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